Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party Perfect Brownie Bites

I borrowed this idea from Rena! It is just too perfect!!

We all LOVE brownies! Brownies, in my opinion, are a GREAT 'soft sell' item to introduce your customers to Thrive & the Home Store/Food Storage concept.

Many real estate companies recommend you bake in your kitchen during an open house. We all just feel more comfortable when we smell fresh baked goodies! We are selling food, so why not use this idea to our advantage!

Brownie Bites are a great way to share Thrive Brownies with your customer!

Serve your Brownie Bites with ice cold Thrive Instant Milk! Yummy!!
Thrive Brownie Bites
*1 1/2 Cup Thrive Brownie Mix
*1/4 Cup Water

Mix Brownie Mix and Water. Allow to sit for 10 min. Spoon Mix into mini muffin pan. Bake at 350F for 12-15 minutes. Serve.

Rena and I both use the Pampered Chef Mini-Muffin Pan. It is non-stick and the perfect size! It's also a great way to help out a fellow mom in business! Do you know a Pampered Chef Consultant you could 'team up' with? Maybe she could use some Thrive goodies at her parties and you could use the mini-muffin pan at yours?

Not sure you want to bake 24 mini brownies? Or maybe you are doing a one-on-one consultation? Try my One Minute Brownie Recipe!

Keep Thriving!

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  1. Fantastic idea!!! I sell Pampered Chef and am a Thrive consultant. I find they work very well together!! Thanks for the idea!!!