Training Downloads

As a Shelf Reliance Diva we want you to have the very best training possible.  Our training information is either customized by us, from, or by other generous team leaders!

So you have signed up and ordered your consultant kit, now what?  While you wait for your kit to arrive you should read any training material you can.  Study the Shelf Reliance products on the website.  Use this time to become familiar with the history of the company, etc.

The first thing you should read is the
Consultant Manual.

The second thing is Becky's beginner consultant training documents.

On your backend of the website (, you will find a selection on the left hand side called Consultant Materials.  Under the Training tab you will also find the Policy and Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions. 

After you are familiar with those items, you should listen to some of the training calls.   Shelf Reliance has one corporate training call a week, always on Tuesdays.  They are also very sweet to record each call for those that are unable to listen in.  Under the Call Notes tab, you will find the call notes and some call recordings.  When listening to these calls you will probably hear some announcements.  Please remember these are prerecorded calls so some of the announcements may have changed or may not be applicable any more.  If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor!

Customer Database
I created a spreadsheet for you to use to keep track of your customers, consultants and leads.
After opening file, choose File and then Download As to download it in the format you need, i.e. Excel or Open Office.  You can find a training video about this spreadsheet here.

We will continue to add to this page, so be sure to check back often!