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Ever wanted to have your own business and make your own hours?
Maybe you want to work just part-time or are looking for something to work full-time.  
Need to spend more time at home and with the kids?  Or maybe you are retired and looking for an opportunity in which you can make a difference in someone's life while making some money at the same time.
Then Shelf Reliance is for you!  Not only do you get all these benefits, but you also can be your own hostess!  When you host your own Shelf Reliance show you receive 100% of the Hostesses Benefits as well as your Consultant Benefits. 
As a Consultant you are teaching others how to save money and become more self reliant!  All the while you are making great commission, build residual income and building your Home Store at the same time!  Its the best of both worlds!

So how much can you make?

REMEMBER that this is all in addition to receiving the Hostess Benefits when you have your own show and the opportunity to purchase $100 or more product for 50% off EVERY month!

A consultant is only required to have a personal Q of $50.  This is food that you will be using for your family.  Think of it as a "practice what you preach" type thing!  But what if money is really, really tight one month and you need to pause your Q!  NO PROBLEM!  You are still a Shelf Reliance Consultant, you just won't receive any Consultant Benefits that month.  However, if you have your own show, you will still receive Hostess Benefits!  The next month you just unpause your Q and get back on track!
Want a raise?  Recruit your own team!
You receive a $50 bonus for each team member no matter what your level in the company! 

 To see the contents of a starter kit, click here.

As part of the Shelf Reliance Diva's Team you will receive one-on-one training!  Here are just some of the benefits of being a part of our team!

1)  Personal one-on-one training on how to setup and hold your first party, how to place orders and more.  
(We will help you conduct your first show if you are a local consultant!)
2)  A presentation video to aid you in your shows!
3)  One-on-one help in setting up a blog, newsletter and facebook page!
4)  Lots of other personalized downloads to help you succeed in your business!


Ready to get started and join the Shelf Reliance Divas Team?
Ready to get started? 

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